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Global Government Fintech is a sister publication to Global Government Forum.

Launched on 1 September 2020, we are passionate about innovation in the public sector and the possibilities enabled by the emerging arena of financial technology (fintech). 

Global Government Fintech‘s portfolio includes a news-driven digital publication globalgovernmentfintech.com providing editorially independent news, analysis and interviews across topic sections including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, data, digital currencies and payments.

We also hosts webinars and in-person events focused on public sector fintech innovation. We organised the inaugural Global Government Fintech Lab in Estonia on 1 June 2022; the second Lab event in Ireland on 18 May 2023; and the third Lab event in Ireland 25 April 2024.

Our activity is supported and enhanced by social-media activity on LinkedIn, X/Twitter and (most recently) Instagram.

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We are part of Pendragon International Media Ltd, a publishing, events and research business.



“Global Government Fintech is a beacon of intelligent, thoughtful, objective reporting in a crucial area that is changing and developing so rapidly that reliable commentary is particularly important. It is my first port of call for an overview of the latest developments in fintech and implementation by governments.”
Nick Down, Head of Payments, HM Revenue & Customs, UK

“Global Government Fintech is a remarkable independent editorial platform and facilitator for any government agency! At the Lab event in May 2023 there were very innovative ideas, exceptional speakers, insightful sessions and valuable networking opportunities. It is the platform that lets public sector professionals to stay ahead of the curve, to be among the first to learn about the latest initiatives and innovations in the field of fintech.”
Nazim Gasimzade, Director, State Treasury Agency, Azerbaijan speaker at Global Government Fintech Lab 2023

“The Global Government Fintech Lab takes a different angle to other fintech events. For us in the public sector, it casts us in a different role to the one we are used to: we move from being mere spectators and rule-makers to thinking about how fintech solutions (regardless of who is supplying them) can improve what we do and the way we deliver public services. I enjoyed the interactions throughout the event, which made us reflect on this very important perspective.”
Diego Villafáñez Sagardoy, Digital Finance Co-ordinator, Department of Digital and Sustainable Finance, Spanish Treasury – speaker at Global Government Fintech Lab 2024

“The Global Government Fintech Lab takes a unique perspective, focusing on the delivery of public services through fintech solutions. Participating in the 2024 Lab’s opening panel was enlightening, especially for someone from Slovenia, where fintech is still emerging. The event provided invaluable insights and practical ideas that will greatly aid our new fintech roadmap strategy. The Global Government Fintech Lab is essential for anyone involved in public sector innovation.”
Robert Rampre, Undersecretary in the Insurance and Capital Market Division, Ministry of Finance of Slovenia – speaker at Global Government Fintech Lab 2024

“The Global Government Fintech Lab 2024 was – like in 2023 and 2022 – a very successful and valuable event. For us as a regulator, to meet colleagues from other countries and to learn more about approaches in fintech development and supervision, is very beneficial. It is always a fantastic opportunity to present our country, share our openness to the industry and to share our experience. I was happy to meet new people and learn how to develop and find the balance between innovations and regulation. The organisation of event was excellent and the content of each discussion very useful.”
Marine Krasovska, Head – Financial Technology Supervision Department, Latvia’s central bank (Latvijas Banka) – speaker at Global Government Fintech Lab 2022, Global Government Fintech Lab 2023 and Global Government Fintech Lab 2024

Financial innovation is a global phenomenon requiring intense international cooperation – it cannot be nurtured, nor its risks controlled, within borders. Global Government Fintech’s Lab event offers a great platform for authorities all over the world to come together and have deep, thought-provoking discussions on a topic that is taking everyone by storm.”
Mari-Liis Kukk, Head – Innovation Department, Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority (Finantsinspektsioon) – speaker at Global Government Fintech Lab 2022, Global Government Fintech Lab 2023 and Global Government Fintech Lab 2024

“Global Government Fintech Lab is an amazing forum that brings together government executives, start-ups and financial services organisations to foster innovation, exchange best practices and ideate the vision of the future. From payments to financial inclusion, all topics are explored to create a better society and economy. Microsoft values our partnership and appreciate the curiosity when it comes to what technology can enable and what benefits it can bring to citizens, governments and companies (start-ups or corporate).”
Valentina Ion, Public Finance Administration Global Lead, Microsoft – speaker at Global Government Fintech Lab 2022 & Global Government Fintech Lab 2023 (Microsoft has partnered all Global Government Fintech Labs to date – 2022, 2023 & 2024)

“Still digesting my notes from this one…! The Global Government Fintech Lab 2024 was above and beyond one of the most impactful conferences I have attended in some time – the agenda was jam-packed with inspirational content from public sector representatives across Europe and beyond. I spend so much time at conferences, it was a pleasant departure to peek behind the veil of government initiatives as pertains to fintech adoption. And ultimately humbling to hear how government navigate the many technological advancements, while simultaneously always prioritising their raison d’etre i.e. the protection of public interest. Thank you for putting together a phenomenal agenda.”
Cara Hennessy, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Operating Officer, Provenance exhibitor at Global Government Fintech Lab 2024