Sparked by the advent of new technologies, such as cloud computing and competition from disruptive fintechs, the financial services industry is undergoing a digital revolution.

Around 1.7 billion adults are unbanked globally. Of these, nearly 40 per cent are in Asia Pacific. By enabling more innovation, cloud computing can support financial inclusion and drive economic and social change.

Cloud provides financial institutions with flexibility, scalability and operational resilience. It enables them to deliver cost-effective digital financial services such as remittances, lending and insurance to underserved and unbanked communities.

Amazon Web Services is working with fintechs across the region to support them with their infrastructure requirements. Some offer innovative payment solutions. Others are empowering small and medium enterprises through digitisation and technology, reducing bureaucratic barriers and creating new growth models.

Click here to learn how cloud computing is supporting more accessible, cost-effective and flexible delivery of fintech, and contributing to financial inclusion.

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