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Global Government Fintech Lab in Dublin on 25 April 2024: register now

Dublin-bound: (clockwise from top left) Dominik Freudenthaler, Sofie Østerkjærhuus Jensen, Parma Bains and Dina Buse

Public servants and officials with an interest in innovative technology are invited to register for the Global Government Fintech Lab 2024, which will be held in Dublin on Thursday 25 April.

Global Government Fintech
’s one-day event will include keynote speeches, panel sessions, fireside chats and plenty of opportunities for international networking, reflecting our spirit of knowledge-sharing across borders.

Taking place for the third time – and the second time in Ireland’s capital, which also hosted the Global Government Fintech Lab 2023the Lab is designed for departments, authorities and agencies looking to capitalise on the possibilities of technology to transform their operations and the services they deliver.

Free to attend for those in the public sector, session titles include ‘Governments and the future of finance’, ‘Public sector financial innovation through payments technology’, ‘Fighting financial fraud with technology’ and ‘Financial regulators and innovative technology: on the right path?’.

The Lab is being organised in partnership with Ireland’s Department of Finance, which created a fintech steering group almost three years ago. The European Union (EU) member state has a whole-of-government strategy to promote the development of international financial services while its central bank is currently running a consultation on ‘innovation engagement’ as it seeks ‘deeper engagement’ with fintech initiatives – a move it has described as ‘necessary to our public policy aims’.

VIDEO-CLIP (above): Global Government Fintech editor Ian Hall and event moderator Siobhan Benita look ahead to the Global Government Fintech Lab 2024

Speakers confirm for Dublin

Senior public servants from three EU member states – Austria, Denmark and Latvia – and a fintech expert from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are among the speakers so far confirmed.

Dominik Freudenthaler, fintech expert in Austria’s Federal Ministry of Finance, is returning to the event, having appeared on two panels at last year’s Lab. Freudenthaler is a member (and former acting chairperson) of Austria’s Regulatory Sandbox Advisory Board (housed in the ministry) and delegate of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) experts group on finance and digitalisation.

Sofie Østerkjærhuus Jensen, head of company supervision at the Danish Business Authority, is heading to Dublin to make her Lab speaker debut. Her team’s most important function is ensuring access to accurate data in the Central Business Register (CVR) – the Danish government’s register of information about businesses in Denmark and Greenland – while preventing money laundering, financial crime and fraud involving Danish companies. The authority sits under the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

Dina Buse, deputy director of the financial market policy department at Latvia’s Ministry of Finance, is – like Freudenthaler – making her second Lab appearance. She is also head of the ministry’s credit institution and payment services policy division.

Parma Bains, a financial sector expert in the IMF’s monetary and capital markets department, will be appearing at the Lab for the first time. He specialises in the regulation of fintech, providing global technical assistance, conducting financial sector assessments, and developing policy and analysis on topics including ‘BigTech’, sandboxes and innovation hubs, crypto-assets including stablecoins, and blockchain consensus mechanisms.

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Technology ‘opening up opportunities’

Ireland’s minister of state with responsibility for financial services Jennifer Carroll MacNeill spoke of the possibilities for ‘fintech for government’ at the Global Government Fintech Lab 2023.

Carroll MacNeill, who took up her ministerial role in December 2022, championed the role that fintech “can play for governments in the future as we look to achieve our public policy goals” in last year’s Lab’s keynote speech. “Over five months since my appointment as minister in the department, I have come to realise just how important digital finance and fintech is for government policy and how the partnership with industry works in practice,” she said.

“I encourage us all to be ambitious with this [fintech] agenda, as the technological advances are opening more opportunities and at a pace that makes the discussion and collaboration between the public sector organisations lined up for today more important than ever. The opportunity set ahead of us is too much for any one [European Union] member state or country and more than enough for all of us and it is just the beginning,” Carroll MacNeill said.

The inaugural Global Government Fintech Lab was held in Estonia’s capital city Tallinn in June 2022. This event was organised in partnership with the Estonian government.

Global Government Fintech launched almost three-and-a-half years ago as a dedicated sister publication to Global Government Forum.

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