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Global Government Fintech Lab to hold 2023 ‘Lab’ in Dublin

Dublin: Ireland’s capital will host the Global Government Fintech Lab on 18 May 2023 | Credit: Global Government Fintech photo collage of three Pixabay images (kh92; Carina Chen & Rudy and Peter Skitterians) and 2022 #GGFintechLab photo

Global Government Fintech can announce that the next Global Government Fintech Lab will be held in Dublin on Thursday 18 May 2023.

The Lab, our one-day event for senior public servants interested in exploring and implementing fintech solutions, is being organised in partnership with Ireland’s Department of Finance.

The event, which is free to attend for all public servants, will feature keynote speeches, panels and breakout sessions focused on fintech-related opportunities and challenges for those working in central government, agencies and other public authorities. It will also include plenty of opportunities for networking, reflecting our spirit of sharing knowledge across borders.

The agenda includes overarching themes such as how governments and public authorities are structuring around fintech and exploring where the biggest opportunities can be found for fintech solutions in the public sector. It also includes a session delving into the biggest financial data-related possibilities and challenges for public authorities.

Breakout sessions are scheduled on: public authorities’ use of fintech solutions to tackle fraud, error and debt; payments (to/from government); blockchain; central bank digital currencies; SupTech (supervisory technology); and how ‘green fintech’ can help achieve climate targets.


Lab: ‘it’s a unique event’

“We’re delighted to be heading to Dublin for this year’s Global Government Fintech Lab,” said editor Ian Hall. “We’re looking forward to bringing together those exploring the opportunities and challenges that fintech creates to discuss the approaches that governments and other public authorities are taking – it’s a unique event.”

Ireland’s government has a long-standing commitment to developing its financial services sector, including fintech.

‘Fintech and Digital Finance’ is one of five main themes of its recently published ‘Update to Ireland for Finance’, a whole-of-government strategy charting the development of international financial services in the European Union (EU) member state to the end of 2026.

The Department of Finance itself operates a fintech steering group, whose membership was expanded last year to include the wider public sector and which is also looking to deepen engagement with the private sector.

The Central Bank of Ireland, meanwhile, has an internal innovation steering group to co-ordinate and prioritise activities in fintech and related technological innovation across the organisation. It established its Innovation Hub in 2018 and plans to consult on ‘proposed enhancements’ this year.

Government fintech pioneers: photocall at our inaugural Lab, held in Estonia on 1 June 2022

Global Government Fintech’s inaugural Lab took place in June 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia. This event was organised in partnership with the Estonian government.

Further information can be found on the Global Government Fintech Lab webpage.

If you have questions, please contact our co-ordinator, Anne Simonsen, via email: anne.simonsen@globalgovernmentforum.com or phone +44 20 4558 8961.
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‘Ireland’s finance department’s fintech lynchpin: an interview with Karen Cullen’ – an interview (16 September 2021) with the head of international financial services in the Department of Finance’s risk and compliance unit (and fintech steering group head)