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Why attend

Why attend

Network with fintech pioneers at our in-person event

Learn from government fintech leaders
Find out how senior public officials are exploring and engaging with fintech’s possibilities

Identify opportunities
Discuss with your peers fintech’s biggest opportunities – and how to overcome implementation barriers

Keep track of international developments
Discover how public authorities beyond your own country are adopting fintech solutions

Interact with experts
Have your questions about government fintech addressed during panel discussions

Expand your network: meet and reconnect in person
Speak to fintech innovators and build new relationships – both within your professional field and beyond

E-Estonia briefing opportunity

In the margins of the Global Government Fintech Lab, Estonia’s Ministry of Finance is organising an e-Estonia briefing at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre.

The briefing will take place at 10:00-12:00 on Thursday 2 June and/or Friday 3 June. During the briefing, e-Estonia’s Digital Transformation Advisers will give an inspiring introduction to the e-Estonia story, success factors, lessons learned and the future of this digital nation.
The centre was designed specifically for experiencing everything e-Estonia has to offer. Established in 2009 as an NGO, it is today part of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency and plays an integral role in promoting the country’s know-how and expertise in digital services.
The Briefing Centre is located just two minutes’ drive from the airport and seven minutes’ drive from the city centre: Valukoja 8, 11415, Tallinn.

We encourage you to attend!

If you are interested in the e-Estonia briefing, please inform Kristiina Abel, kristiina.abel@fin.ee (Adviser of EU and International Affairs Dept, Ministry of Finance). Attendance is free.

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